StorageCraft OneBlox 5210

StorageCraft OneBlox 5210 - All-Flash Array

The StorageCraft OneBlox 5210 is an All-flash array that uses a distributed object-based file system that is a scale-out NAS supporting CIFS/SMB or NFS file shares that is an on-premises hardware appliance combined with OneSystem, an integrated, enterprise-grade cloud-based storage management service.  At the core of OneBlox is a patented-pending distributed object-based file system that provides universal data access. StorageCraft OneBlox 5210 Now, companies can utilise this affordable cloud-managed solution with leading edge enterprise features, including inline deduplication, compression, continuous data protection, multi-site remote replication, and zero-configuration storage expansion. StorageCraft’s patent pending architecture solves businesses’ common storage pain points: complicated installation, cumbersome storage management, lack of data security and forklift upgrades. Without the shackles of a legacy storage architecture, StorageCraft’s clean-sheet approach combines the OneBlox appliance with OneSystem, an elegant multi-tenant cloud-based management service.

Product Highlights

Powerful The scale-out object-based file system enables non-disruptive capacity and performance expansion with zero configuration. Additionally, its inline deduplication and compression for primary storage maximises storage utilisation without impacting performance. Simple IT organisations can simply, yet powerfully, manage on-premises OneBlox in any location from any browser. OneSystem consistently provides real-time storage and health monitoring by comprehensively understanding the state of every OneBlox, installed disk drive, network, remotely replicated storage and more. Protected The always-on continuous data protection (CDP) capability and multi-site remote replication, can be defined on per-share basis, enables fine-grained data recovery. Its real-time replication enables protection against multiple drive failures, ransomware, and disaster recovery. Product Features StorageCraft’s scale-out, object-based storage appliance solves businesses’ common storage pain points: complex installation, cumbersome management, limited capacity and forklift upgrades. StorageCraft’s clean sheet approach combines the SMB/NFS accessible OneBlox appliance with OneSystem, an elegant multi-tenant cloud-based (or on-prem) management service.

Scale-Out Architecture

OneBlox 5210 Scale-Out ArchitectureOneBlox employs a seamless scale-out Ring architecture supporting multiple OneBlox appliances presenting a single global file system. A Ring may consist of one or multiple OneBlox, scaling from a few terabytes to nearly 280TBs of raw flash storage capacity. As business storage requirements change, OneBlox is extremely agile; simply add any number of drives, at any time, and in any capacity granularity to meet your storage requirements. OneBlox simply grows the global storage pool with zero configuration and no application downtime.

Scale-Out Storage for Virtual Environments

Storage OneBlox 5210 Scale for virtual environments StorageCraft OneBlox 5210 uniquely supports VMware and Hyper-V environments by enabling virtual machines to utilise scale-out NFS datastores and SMB shares. Consolidate multiple NFS datastores in a single OneBlox Ring and scale to multiple PBs with OneBlox’s advanced data reduction. Need high prformance? OneBlox 5210 is an all-flash array for consolidating performance-hungry virtual machines, delivering 50,000 IOPS. Need more capacity? Smply scale-out OneBlox by adding drives or OneBlox and the virtual servers instantly see additional storage capacity—with zero configuration.  

Dynamic Growth

Dynamic growth Bring your own SSDs. No RAID, no LUNs, no volumes. OneBlox delivers the flexibility for organisations to mix-and-match drive types (SATA, SAS) and capacity (one to four terabytes, with 8 and 16TB support as SSDs become available) within the same StorageCraft OneBlox 5210 and within a OneBlox Ring. Purchase exactly the capacity your organisation needs at the beginning and then in the future, increase capacity by mixing and matching any number of additional drives. OneBlox automatically pools the new storage within the existing global storage pool. No disruption to applications or users. No configuration settings to complete. No mouse clicks. No command line entries. No storage PhD required.

Agile and Affordable

Save moneyOneBlox’s agility to add storage at any time comes with the additional benefit of delivering significant cost savings. StorageCraft’s bring your-own-drive philosophy treats drives as a commodity. Accordingly, every organisation can purchase drives at retail prices and use up to 3.8TB SSDs within OneBlox.  Gartner Group’s research indicates disk and flash drives can account for up to 50% of the storage systems hardware costs. Avoiding the 10x markup from legacy storage vendors quickly results in significant cost savings compared to other storage solutions. Combined with OneBlox’s powerful inline deduplication and compression, storage utilisation is maximised and waste is minimised.

Flexible Multi-Site Replication

Implement disaster recovery with asynchronous multi-site replication. Employ a flexible one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one bi-directional replication architecture with multiple OneBlox rings. Implement exactly the configuration that suits the business needs of geographically distributed environments. Only deduplicated and compressed data is replicated, ensuring the transfer is very bandwidth efficient. Other vendors require the source and target storage infrastructure to be identical. StorageCraft does not impose any such restrictions for the utmost flexibility.

Zero Configuration

Ease of use is not an afterthought with OneBlox. OneBlox is easily can be installed in less than 15 minutes, provisioned and available to serve data with zero configuration. Simply insert at least two drives, plug in Ethernet, and power it on. It’s that easy. Need to add more storage? Simply add drives and the capacity is added to the same global storage pool. Need to add availability or performance? With no interruption to applications or users, additional OneBlox nodes can be added and automatically configured, enabling organizations non-disruptive scalability with their business.

Always-On Information

StorageCraft OneBlox 5210 Always-On InformationStorageCraft’s distributed file system is built on top of a fine-grained content-addressable distributed object store with a hashed ring architecture that has small but variable-sized immutable objects as its foundation. This underlying technology allows OneBlox Ring to fully protect the stored information without legacy RAID technologies. OneBlox transparently replicates and intelligently distributes the data objects across multiple drives within a failure domain and protects against drive or OneBlox failures. In case of failure, data objects are redistributed and re-balanced to ensure full protection.

Scale-Out NAS

OneBlox 5210 Scale-Out NAS
  • Non-disruptively scale performance by simply adding additional OneBlox appliance into a cluster ring with zero configuration
  • Get higher aggregate IOPS and throughput from all the appliances within a cluster
  • Add capacity granularly, one disk at a time, and have the aggregate capacity immediately available for applications and users through a single namespace
  • Grow capacity on demand with no upfront investments


Grow Storage Capacity, Effortlessly OneBox All-Flash is the industry's first all-flash scale-out object based appliance t0 work with NFS and SMB network protocols, and to be optimised for virtual environments. This means compatibility is ensured your business enterprise.  Need more capacity? Simple scale out by adding SSDs or OneBlox appliances. The virtual servers instantly see additional storage capacity - with no configuration and no downtime.


  • OneSystem is an innovative, multi-tenant, cloud-based management service
  • Enables storage admins to manage their on-premises OneBlox storage systems from any browser
  • Enables a simplified storage management workflow that is visual, point-and-click, drag-and-drop and directly actionable
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated servers and software on the customer premises to manage storage

Inline De-Duplication

  • Inline de-duplication is automatically performed across the global file system with no configuration questions to answer and no management overhead
  • Achieve data reduction up to 10X resulting in a smaller storage capacity footprint

Continuous Data Protection

  • Advanced Continuous Data Protection (CDP) automatically captures every file write into the system with zero configurations to the system
  • Quick online recovery of previous versions of files from space optimised snapshots without time-consuming restores from backups

Cost-Efficient Cross-Site Replication

  • Remote replication for disaster recovery protects against failure of an entire cluster or site
  • WAN usage is optimised as OneBlox replicates only the changed and de-duplicated information to the secondary site
  • Data is encrypted and fully protected during replication

Server Virtualisation

The high-performance, scale-out OneBlox 5210 addresses the I/O blender effect in virtual server enviroments. Provision, managing, and scaling out NFS data stores is simple with no configuration required.

Virtual Desktop

Login/boot storms can bring any storage to its knees in a VDI environment. Not so with all-flash scale-out storage. OneBlox's powerful storage reduction technologies, such as inline deduplication and compression, keep the storage footprint in check.

High-Performance Backups

OneBlox all-flash storage 5210 represents a potential breakthrough in backup and recovery by delivering the performance required to improve RTOs significantly at a price point that is comparable to legacy disk systems.

OneBlox 5210 Technical Specifications

OneBlox 5210 Appliance Dimensions

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