NetApp AFF

NetApp AFF

All Flash NVMe Array

The NetApp AFF series of all NVMe flash arrays deliver some of the world's fastest benchmarks to provide outstanding performance reliability and IOPS with best-in-class management and cloud integration.

The Solution

The NetApp AFF has been designed specifically for flash to deliver industry leading all flash performance, capacity, scalability, security and network connectivity in a compact form factor. With the new NVMe based NetApp AFF A800, the AFF A-Series family extends enterprise-grade flash to AI and machine learning. By combining low-latency NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs) and the first NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMe/FC) connectivity, the NetApp AFF A800 delivers ultra-low latency of below 200 microsecond and massive throughput of 300 GB/s in a 24-node cluster. Plus the most cloud-integration choices for your artificial-intelligence workflow.

NetApp AFF

Run your apps with unprecedented speed and scale to wring maximum value from your data: AFF A800.

The NetApp AFF are also the industry's first to provide both 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100 GbE) and 32Gb FC connectivity together, AFF A-Series systems also support NVMe/FC host connection, allowing customers to run 60% more workloads or cut the application response by half.

NetApp a world leader in supporting high-capacity 15TB SSDs and multistream write (MSW) SSDs. NetApp AFF is leading again by supporting 30TB SSDs in an all flash array. You can further reduce your storage footprint with the high density of 2PB storage in a 2U drive shelf and move toward an optimally efficient data centre.

AFF A800AFF A700sAFF A700AFF A300AFF A220
NAS Scale-out2-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)2-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)2-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)2-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)2-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
Maximum SSD28802592576046081728
Maximum raw capacity: all flash79.0PB/70.2PB79.0PB/70.2PB175.7PB/156.0PB140.5PB/124.8PB48.3PB/42.9PB
Effective capacity*316.3PB/280.8PB316.3PB/280.8PB702.7PB/623.8PB562.2PB/499PB193.3PB/171.6PB
Maximum memory15,360GB12,288GB12,288GB3,072GB768GB
SAN Scale-out2-12 nodes (6 HA pairs)2-12 nodes (6 HA pairs)2-12 nodes (6 HA pairs)2-12 nodes (6 HA pairs)2-12 nodes (6 HA pairs)
Maximum SSD1440129628802304864
Maximum raw capacity39.6PB/35.1PiB39.6PB/35.1PiB87.8PB/78.0PiB70.3PB/62.4PiB24.2PB/21.4PiB
Effective capacity158.2PB/140.4PiB158.2PB/140.4PiB351.4PB/311.9PiB281.1PB/249.5PiB96.7PB/85.5PiB
Maximum memory7680GB6144GB6144GB1536GB384GB
Cluster interconnect4x 100GbE4x 40GbE4x 40GbE4x 40GbE4x 10GbE
Per HA Pair Specifications (Active-Active Dual Controller)
AFF A800AFF A700sAFF A700AFF A300AFF A220
Maximum SSD240216480384144
Maximum raw capacity: all flash6.6PB/5.8PiB6.6PB/5.8PiB14.6PB/13.0PiB11.7PB/10.4PiB4.0PB/3.6PiB
Effective capacity26.4PB/23.4PiB26.4PB/23.4PiB58.6PB/52PiB46.9PB/41.6PiB16.6PB/14.3PiB
Controller form factor4U chassis with two HA controllers and 48 SSD slots4U chassis with two HA controllers and 24 SSD slots8U chassis with two HA controllers3U chassis with two HA controllers2U chassis with two HA controllers and 24 SSD slots
PCIe expansion slots88206n/a
FC target ports (32Gb autoranging)328328n/a
FC target ports (16Gb autoranging)32864240-8
FCoE target ports, UTA2n/a1264240-8
100GbE/40GbE ports168n/an/an/a
40GbE ports1624328n/a
10GbE ports32n/a64280-8
10GbE Base-T ports (1GbE autoranging)n/a86412n/a
12Gb/6Gb SAS portsn/a864244
OS versionONTAP 9.4 RC1 or laterONTAP 9.1 GA or laterONTAP 9.1 GA or laterONTAP 9.1 GA or laterONTAP 9.4 RC1 or later
Shelves and mediaNVMe Drive PacksDS224C (2U; 24 drives, 2.5” SFF); DS2246 (2U; 24 drives, 2.5” SFF) See NetApp All Flash FAS Tech Specs page for more details about supported drive types.
Host/client OS supportedWindows® 2000, Windows Server® 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Linux®, Oracle® Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac® OS, VMware®, ESX®
a. Effective capacity is based on 5:1 storage efficiency ratios with the maximum number of SSDs installed. The actual ratio can be higher depending on workloads and use cases.
b. See

Simplifying IT in the datacentre

Deploying an all flash array in a datacentre might seem expensive but there are many positive gains to be made by deploying this type of technology.

  • Reduce power consumption by up to 15x and rack space up to 37x
  • Slash support and tuning costs by a third compared with hybrid offerings
  • Purchase flash at the same price as hard disks, thanks to NetApp data reduction technologies, enhanced with new inline data compaction
  • Support all you backup and disaster recovery needs with a complete suite of integrated data protection and replication features
  • Secure your data and simplify key management on any type of drive with NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE), software based at rest data encryption supports onboard and external key manager as a as multifactor authentication (MFA), and crypto-shredding.

All Flash Performance Powered by End-to-End NVMe Technology

NetApp AFF systems are an excellent choice for performance-demanding applications and mixed workload environments that consist of, for example, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB databases, VDI, and server virtualisation.  And with the new end-to-end NVMe based AFF A800, ensures NetApp AFF is the perfect choice for AI or machine learning.

  • Combined with ONTAP's superior cloud integration and software defined storage capabilities, AFF enable the full range of the data pipeline that spans the edge, the core, and the cloud for AI and deep learning, leveraging the same ONTAP data management.
  • The end-to-end NVMe based AFF A800 delivers 1.3 million IOPS at below 500μs latency.
  • Built-in adaptive QoS safeguards SLAs in multi-workload and multi-tenant environments.  It optimises performance control dynamically with superior scalability up to 40,000 workloads per cluster at LUN, file, and VVol levels.
  • With the latest ONTAP release, NetApp AFF delivers up to 90% performance increase for Microsoft SQL server with multi-channel SMB.
NetApp AFF NVMe Flash Array
Features and software Included with ONTAP softwareEfficiency: NetApp FlexVol®, inline deduplication, inline compression, inline compaction, and thin provisioning
Availability: multipath I/O and active-active HA pair
Data protection: NetApp RAID DP®, RAID-TEC™, and Snapshot- Synchronous replication for disaster recovery: MetroCluster
Performance control: adaptive QoS and balanced placement
Management: OnCommand Workflow Automation, System Manager, Performance Manager, and Unified Manager- Scalable NAS container: FlexGroup
Flash bundleStorage protocols supported (FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, and SMB)
NetApp SnapRestore® software: restore entire Snapshot copies in seconds
NetApp SnapMirror software: simple, flexible backup and replication for disaster recovery
NetApp FlexClone® technology: instant virtual copies of files, LUNs, and volumes
NetApp SnapCenter®: unified, scalable platform and plug-in suite for application-consistent data protection and clone management
NetApp SnapManager® software: application-consistent backup and recovery for enterprise applications
Go to for information about additional software available from NetApp.
Extended-value software (optional)NVMe over FC (NVMe/FC) protocol: faster and more efficient host connection than with original FCNetApp
OnCommand Insight: flexible, efficient resource management for heterogeneous environments
NetApp SnapLock: compliance software for write once, read many (WORM) protected dataNetApp Volume Encryption (free license)
Granular, volume-level, data-at-rest encryption NetApp FabricPool feature: Automatic data tiering to the cloud

The newly refreshed AFF A220 platform for small and medium enterprise environments delivers 30% more performance than its predecessor to continue NetApp's leadership in this segment.

With NetApp AFF you can

Deploy flash everywhere with best-in-class cloud integration

  • You can move data and application where they run best, either on premise or the cloud.
  • AFF offers the broadest application ecosystem integration for enterprise application, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), database and server virtualisation
  • You can integrate flash into your infrastructure non disruptively, eliminate silos, and scale out as your requirements grow

Accelerate the speed of business while increasing operational efficiency

  • Consolidate all your workloads on NetApp AFF systems, which can deliver up to 11.4 million IOPS at 1ms latency in a cluster with a truly unified scale-out architecture, allowing non disruptive integration of new technologies such as NVMe
  • Manage a massively scalable NAS container up to 20PB and 400 billion files with a single namespace by using NetApp FlexGroup volumes, while maintaining consistent high performance with adaptive quality of service (QoS) and resiliency

If you would like to know more about the NetApp AFF please call us on 01256 331614 or complete our contact form.

NetApp AFF datasheet

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