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Kaminario K2 All Flash Storage Array

Kaminario K2 Flash Storage for the Enterprise

The Kaminario K2 flash storage leverages a unique software defined architecture that delivers predictable performance, scalability and cost-efficiency – highly valued predictability for the unpredictable world of the modern datacentre. Kaminario K2 flash storage leverages the potential of all-flash storage to deliver consistently high performance and scalability without compromising cost-efficiency and control. Imagine getting the scalability and agility of cloud storage with predictable costs and on premise control. IT organisations need scalability and agility with highly predictable performance and economics over time. Build a datacentre infrastructure strategy that positions your business to successfully handle whatever comes next for your business.

 The Benefits of Flash Price Competitive with Legacy Disk Consistently High Performance 
Flash is inherently a superior storage media – higher performance, no moving parts, less power consumption.With average price points of less than $1/GB, Kaminario can deliver the benefits of flash at the price points of legacy HDD and Hybrid arrays.The K2 can uniquely deliver consistently high performance in mixed workload environments, making the all flash data centre a real option for modern IT organisations.Managing all enterprise workloads from a single instance of the Kaminario K2 brings easier management, better economics, and a more simple approach for growing the modern web-scale data centre.

What makes the Kaminario K2 unique?

Kaminario from the outset designed the K2 to utilise flash storage to provide a highly scalable and performing All-Flash Array that has a lower cost per GB than competitive offerings, whilst at the same time providing enterprise class features organisations demand.


Scalability: Kaminario’s software defined architecture scales both up and out delivers extreme flexibility for rapidly growing businesses. Businesses can scale up for higher density and lower cost/GB—and also scale out to add more nodes for greater processing capability. Kaminario’s Perpetual Array™ enables customers to add the newest flash media, CPU, and networking functionality to existing implementations with non-disruptive expansions.

Performance: Kaminario can scale out ensure consistent I/O performance as data volumes grow. Further, Kaminario uses proprietary algorithms to ensure consistently high performance for mixed application workloads. IT can better control latency, IOPs performance and bandwidth on a per-application basis. Selective inline de-duplication shuts off processing on part of a storage array for specific workloads to further increase performance. No special tuning is required—mixed workloads can run in the same array. With average pricing of less than $1/usable GB, the Kaminario K2 is equipped to be the backbone of your storage strategy.

Cost-efficiency: Kaminario’s ability to scale out enables customers to scale more cost effectively. A software-defined architecture fully leverages the commodity economics of flash, CPU and networking technologies with the ability to incorporate the newest, most cost-effective technologies into existing implementations. Finally, industry leading capacity efficiency enables Kaminario to offer Guaranteed Effective Capacity: where customers are guaranteed the ability to meet usable capacity goals set at the beginning of projects.

Simplicity: Free IT from expensive data migrations and forklift upgrades. Kaminario’s software defined architecture enables flexible and non-disruptive expansions, up and out. New hardware can be added without costly downtime while the array continues to perform at full speed.

Resiliency: Kaminario combines an active-active controller architecture, high availability features, a proprietary version of RAID-6 called K-RAID, and native replication to deliver best-in class availability and resiliency. Always-on, data-at-rest 256-bit AES encryption capabilities support compliance with industry and government regulations without compromising storage efficiency.

Shai Toren

General Manager at Intigua

We selected Kaminario K2 v5 for our enterprise storage needs because it has one of the most efficient architectures we’ve seen on the market, allowing us to maximize our storage capacity of 300TB at a footprint of just 4U, keep pace with the demands of our customers, and simplify the management stack operations in different workload environments. In addition, K2 v5 enables us to reduce costs since we’re able to minimize the average amount of storage that is required for each VM. These cost savings are significant for our environment, where we test environments of thousands of virtual servers. We were able to deploy over 7,000 virtual servers on a single K-Block configuration of K2 v5, with a data reduction rate of 20:1.”

Applications for the Kaminario K2

Databases: Deploy production database workloads on all-flash storage with Kaminario. The K2 maintains consistent IOPs, throughput and low latencies, and comes with native technologies like writeable snapshots, selective de-duplication and inline compression. Analytics: Run analytics and OLTP workloads on the same production databases with Kaminario. The K2 can scale up for expanding data sets and scale out for more through put and IOPs for preparation and analysis workloads. VDI Deployments: Global, inline selective deduplication lowers virtual desktop storage requirements up to 95%. Consistent performance under load extends the scope of VDI to performance-sensitive expert users. Virtual Server Consolidation: Kaminario’s ability to efficiently scale up and out to handle demanding mixed workloads and blended IO make it an ideal primary storage for consolidating virtual servers. DevOps, QA testing and user training servers benefit from inline selective deduplication, and fast, native writeable snapshots.

Kaminario K2 Features & Functionality

Scale Up & Scale Out

The Kaminario K2 has been designed to allow organisations to invest in flash and fully realise the benefits it provides without having to make a huge up-front purchase. Kaminario allows you to scale up for capacity and out for performance.

Each K-Block has fully Active/Active controllers, provides up to 370K IOPS and a capacity up to 1PB, when you outgrow this, simply add another K-Block.



 1 K-Block2 K-Blocks3 K-Blocks4 K-Blocks
Usable Capacity*30TB-1PB+60TB-2PB+90TB-3PB+120TB-4PB+
Media (encrypted)





Density TB/U

Up to 60TB

IOPSUp to 370KUp to 740KUp to 1.1MUp to 1.5M
BandwidthUp to 6.2GB/sUp to 12.4GB/sUp to 18.6GB/sUp to 25GB/s


Power (Typical)0.8KW-1.4KW1.8KW-3KW2.6KW-4.4KWxx3.4KW-5.8KW
Cooling (Typical)2.8K-4.8K BTU/hr6.2K-10.2K BTU/hr9K-15.1K BTU/hr11.9K-19.9K BTU/hr

Up to 8,000

ManagementCLI (SSH), HTTP/HTTPS GUI, Scripting (SSH), RESTful API, VAAI, SNMP, Microsoft VSS, VMware vCenter Plug-in, VMware SRM
Data ReductionGlobal Selective Inline Deduplication, Inline Compression, Thin provisioning
ConnectivityFC: 4x 16Gbps iSCSI: 4x 25GbEFC: 8x 16Gbps iSCSI: 8x 25GbEFC: 16x 16Gbps iSCSI: 12x 25GbEFC: 12x 16Gbps iSCSI: 16x 25GbE
Management ports

2x 1GbE

*Capacity is subject to drive size and the application data reduction ratio. For some datasets such as VDI the range will be higher.


The Kaminario K2 uses global inline selective deduplication meets the demanding requirements of eliminating redundant data so that it is stored on the array only once. The deduplication is performed globally and its processing is distributed across all the array’s K-Nodes, enabling higher deduplication ratios, high performance and consistent low latency. As the array scales out, so does the deduplication. Kaminario offers the unique option, amongst AFAs, of selective deduplication. It allows storing data without deduplication for applications whose data redundancy is negligible and additional performance is preferred (such as database applications like Oracle or SQL Server), as well as for security-sensitive applications where deduplication is prohibited.


Kaminario K2 uses inline real-time data compression that is optimised for low latency performance. The data reduction is gained regardless of whether the data is dedupable or not, which makes compression the de-facto method of data reduction for non-dedupable data sets that are common in database environments such as Oracle and SQL Server. Kaminario uses the LZ4 compression algorithm with the ability to compress data in the granularity of bytes. This byte-aligned compression prevents internal fragmentation and facilitates better compression ratios. The compression is performed in a 4KB granularity rather than on bigger data segments, ensuring that small reads do not result in decompression of unnecessary data.


Storage Simplicity

  • Automatic data distribution
  • No manual optimisation for performance
  • Single management GUI for all array sizes - Modern management console delivers comprehensive control and analytics with RESTful API for extending to 3rd party management platforms including VSS for Microsoft environments and vCenter plug-in for VMware. Or keep it old school with a fully scriptable CLI.

Non-Disruptive Upgrades

  • Upgrades with mix and match of controllers and SSDs
  • Non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades or capacity expansions


  • Native replication
  • Application aware and crash consistent
  • Short RPO and RTO for disaster recovery
  • No performance impact on production
  • VMware SRM support

Storage Efficiency

  • Data reduction with Selective Global Inline Deduplication, Inline compression and Thin Provisioning
  • 87.5% RAID utilisation
  • High density of 60TB/U and low metadata footprint

Enterprise Grade SSD’s

  • Kaminario optimised dual parity RAID
  • Support for up to three SSD failures per shelf
  • 7 year SSD warranty


  • 256-bit AES keys SSD encryption protects all data in array with no impact on performance

Healthshield Kaminario is committed to providing world-class technical support. HealthShield™ cloud-based Call Home monitoring, a foundation of our support, enables Kaminario to proactively detect and resolve product issues.

  • Cloud-based call home and analytics
  • Preventative, predictive monitoring

Connectivity Choose either 10GbE iSCSI or 16Gbs Fibre Channel

  • Support FC/iSCSI
  • Linear scale of host connectivity

Enterprise Resiliency

  • High availability with no single point of failure
  • Flexible, application-aware snapshots
  • Self-healing

The Backbone of the Modern Data Centre

The Kaminario K2 All-Flash Array delivers consistently high performance combined with cost effectiveness and capacity efficiency no matter what the platform or workload.

As fully trained and accredited Kaminario partners we are here to help with any questions, pricing or assistance you require when considering an All-Flash Array.  Please call us on 01256 331614 or email: sales

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