Fujitsu ETERNUS AF250 S3

Fujitsu ETERNUS AF250 S3

Fujitsu AF250 S3 All Flash Storage Array

The Fujitsu ETERNUS AF250 S3 is an incredibly fast and flexible all-flash storage systems for the next-generation data centre. At an affordable price point, it makes flash the new normal for all tier-1 applications in enterprise IT. Response times are ultra-low 140µsec (Read), 60µsec (Write) – in fact, they set performance records. The ETERNUS AF is also built to be smart, with easily configurable automated quality of service to ensure each app gets the performance it needs, plus flexible deduplication and compression that can be turned on when required – and off when not. It keeps data safe with full-fledged DR with mirroring and automated transparent failover.

Fujitsu ETERNUS AF250 S3

The Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS AF250 S3 is the ideal choice for application scenarios with demanding data and performance requirements. The system delivers impressive IOPS performance with lowest latency even at full load. Thus it offers a solution that resolves all performance issues in critical applications – such as real-time business analytics or VDI environments - without requiring any complicated tuning. It also fits best as general purpose storage for all Tier-1 applications in small and mid-sized companies.

Fujitsu ETERNUS AF250 S3 Quick Specs

  • Entry-level all-flash storage for all Tier-1 applications in small and mid-sized companies
  • Max No. of controllers: 2
  • Max No. of drives: 264
  • Maximum storage capacity of up to 8,110 TB
  • Random access performance of up to 600,000 IOPS
All Flash Storage

Flexible and flash optimised storage

Ultra-low response times for all applications and a massive increase of IOPS without complicated tuning measures as well as scalable capacity and connectivity.

Deduplication and compression

Selective use of deduplication / compression

Data reduction at the volume level to improve storage efficiency and increase the lifespan of flash.

Quality of Service

Automated Quality of Service

Control applications priorities according to business needs, minimize admin efforts, automate monitoring and adjustment to guarantee service levels.

Support 24x7

Transparent failover and Storage Cluster

Avoid planned or unplanned downtimes, enjoy 100% data insurance and non-stop business operations.

Fujitsu ETERNUS AF250 S3 Datasheet

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