Enterprise Flash Storage Benefits

Enterprise Flash Storage Benefits

Quite simply - Improved business efficiency

How does flash storage benefit a business?  We live in a real time world, whether rendering a movie, placing a trade or purchasing something on an auction site, delays are not acceptable. Apart from the potential of them having immediate commercial impact, they cause us reputational damage leading to longer term implications.

So, to start with, Enterprise Flash Storage is at least ten times faster than disk storage when it comes to access time. But there is much more to it than that. A lot more.

Enterprise Flash Storage Benefits

For example, it really comes into its own in the areas of:

  • Peak Performance – especially important when the storage is required to run above normal levels
  • Normal Workload – extremely relevant when the reliable provision of a sustained performance is important
  • Accelerate Applications - Whether you are running SQL, Exchange, Oracle, SAP, deploying a flash storage system will provide instant and noticeable improvements
  • Shared Storage - Having a shared area for files is ideal for centralising data, users frequently add, remove and update files and it is this constant access where flash storage scores.

The above are of course major considerations when your system is expected to accommodate a large database query without compromising normal demands or at peak times when the system is under a heavy load, flash storage performs.

This is where Enterprise Flash Storage really scores. It ensures your storage application and network access the data, process it and provide the response in a blink of an eye. More technically speaking, in <1ms access.

The Real Business Benefits

Flash storage benefits ensures things are accessed and responded to in an efficient and prompt way. Business is not lost because of a poor back end infrastructure that is unable to cope with heavy loads. Demands are catered for in an instant meaning your systems or applications always responds promptly, the business is more productive and gains a competitive edge.

It mitigates against poor user experience, improves system performance and hence productivity resulting in significant business improvements.

In fact Enterprise Flash Storage is pivotal to 'business efficiency'.  If you would like to understand more about the solutions we can provide to drive your business forward then please call us on 01256 331614 or email sales@flash-storage.technology.

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