Flash Storage Applications

Flash Storage Applications

Below are some flash storage applications that can benefit by using a flash storage array. Work smarter Hopefully by now you have a better understanding of how a Flash Storage solution works and the benefits it could provide. The question is how can it help you? Flash Storage Applications 3D Modelling

OLTP - Real-Time Processing

Many businesses today have an on-line presence providing the latest stock prices, latest movie downloads or supplying groceries. They all need to deliver these commodities in an instant and a Flash Storage solution ensures that your business can handle the peaks and normal daily traffic in a Flash!


Many businesses today run some form of database Oracle, SQL, MySQL etc and on these we run applications which constantly need to query the database and come back with a result or write an entry to record a transaction. As Flash Storage provides response time and throughputs many times higher than spinning disk a Flash Storage solution is able to handle far higher workloads for any database instance.


The drive to rationalise our servers and desktops by consolidation, whilst at the same time delivering productivity benefits and greater user experiences means virtualisation is big business. Being able to deploy 500 VDI desktops in minutes to a class of eager students or bring on-line a server for a big business project makes things easier. Flash Storage is able to deliver these requirements in an instant with less time spent hogging other system resources.

VR / Film Production

The drive to blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds in making the virtual world look real is fast becoming a reality with life like images and scenery becoming an immersive experience with UHD 4k (2160p) and 8k (4320p) TV's appearing fool you into thinking you are there in the move, game or documentary. How to render VFX in real time or smooth the edges of the virtual footage faster can save companies £1,000's of pounds in time saved to produce content.

3D Modelling

The challenge today is to look at things on an atomic / molecular level. An example of this is to create a drug to tackle cancer, being able to see the drug attacking the cancer in real-time at a molecular level and displaying this on a wall for experts to analyse can be done with Flash Storage.

Single Application

In a business you might find that you need to boost a single application in order to achieve the performance boost you need, flash solves this by optimising the read/writes. You could even host your whole application in flash rather than specific parts.

Fluid Dynamics

Reproducing how a ship travels through water is very difficult unless you build a scale model and run it in a test tank which can simulate waves and wind effects. Fluid Dynamics creates the physical effects in a virtual world, this could be an F1 car travelling along a track, an advanced submarine or a missile travelling through the air. In order to process all of these effects consumes vast amounts of memory, processing power and storage. Flash storage eliminates the speed bottlenecks to ensure everything is captured in real-time.

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